Monday, August 19, 2013

Search for unusual waders

Green Heron, Lake Wallace, Aug 19, 2013
Green Heron, Lake Wallace, Aug 19, 2013
Great Blue Herons on nest, Lake Wallace, Aug 19, 2013
With the several recent reports of unusual waders (Little Blue Heron, Snowy Egrets and Black crowned Night Heron) in the nearby area I headed out this morning in search of them.  Although all have been seen in either Franklin or Hampden County the areas are close enough that finding one in Hampshire County seems very possible.  Despite my visits to several areas I was not able to find any this morning.  The areas I searched included Lake Wallace (and fields nearby), the route 9 marsh, the rail trail in Amherst, the UMASS marsh and along Jabish Canal.  At Lake Wallace I had five Green Herons, three Great Blue Herons (two still in nest), four species of waterfowl, a Greater Yellowlegs and 29 Killdeer on the nearby fields.  The route 9 marsh was fairly quiet with several Wood Ducks and a single Green Heron. 
Great Egret, rail trail Amherst, Aug 19, 2013
Marsh along rail trail Amherst, Aug 19, 2013
The rail trail contained a Great Egret, two Green Heron, three Great Blue Heron, five Belted Kingfishers, a Yellow Warbler and other expected species. The UMASS marsh and the Jabish Canal were both fairly quiet. Although I didn't find any unusual waders (or other unusual species) today it was fun looking. I have no doubt somewhere in the county there are unusual waders yet to be found...perhaps tomorrow?

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