Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gate 22 this morning

Dawn at gate 22, Aug 17, 2013
Bald Eagle on Osprey platform, Gate 22, Aug 17, 2013
Merlin (one of two), Gate 22, Aug 17, 2013
I headed up to Quabbin Gate 22 in New Salem before dawn to see if I could catch up with any of the egrets seen there over the last few days (Great and Snowy Egrets). I started the long walk down to the water just before six and arrived about a half hour later. The fog and early morning light made it difficult to see the islands really well but after quite a bit of time looking I'm fairly certain there were no egrets there this morning on the west side of the island. I did have some good stuff including two Merlins that were harassing the crows and I eventually had one perch in a tree at which point it was harassed by a hummingbird. The only shorebirds I had there included two each of Greater Yellowlegs and Spotted Sandpipers. Other notable birds at Gate 22 included a Northern Harrier and at least five Common Loons plus a Bald Eagle perched up on the Osprey platform the entire time I was down at the waters edge. I had a handful of passerines around but nothing too unusual.
Green Heron, Route 9 marsh, Aug 17, 2013
Double crested Cormorant and Ring billed Gull, Winsor Dam, Aug 17, 2013
I then headed back south and made a brief stop at Winsor Dam and the Route 9 marsh. Winsor Dam had a couple of Double crested Cormorants and the marsh had a few Wood Ducks and a Great Blue Heron and Green Heron.

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