Saturday, September 26, 2009

Western gates of Quabbin and Jabish Canal

I spent the early to mid morning exploring Gates 22, 16 and 10 again. The morning started off quite frosty with a temperature around freezing and a scattering of frost in New Salem. The warbler numbers and variety continue to drop but the sparrows continue to grow. It looks as if White throated Sparrows are really starting to push in and I had my first juncos of the season (outside their breeding areas in the hills). I also had a few Winter Wrens scattered at different locations. I did have a Black Throated Green Warbler male that still had its full breeding plumage and for all intent and purpose appeared exactly like a spring bird would. The number of Yellow rump and Palm Warblers also continue to increase. Looks like rain for tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gates 22, 16 and 10

Spent another morning checking some of my favorite spots along the west side of Quabbin. The morning started chilly again with a temp of 42 (better than the previous morning of 36!). I started at Gate 22 and had some nice little groups of migrants. The next stop was gate 16 where I had an immature Connecticut Warbler in almost the exact same spot I had an adult last week. I guess they like the area. I only managed a blurred flying away photo. I also had a couple mixed species flocks with several species including Tennessee warbler. I also had a group of three Sharp shinned Hawks chasing each other through the woods seemingly oblivious to my presense. A juvenile Hermit Thrush also seemed oblivious to me and kept running along beside me as I walked down the road. The final stop of the morning at Gate 10 produced a couple more small mixed species flocks. Vacation is now over so its back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Central Quabbin

I spent from sunrise through early afternoon exploring the central part of Quabbin in preperation for next weeks trip of the Hampshire Bird Club. Another fabulous day with many great sightings. Highlights included Red Crossbills, Brown Thrasher, fourteen species of warblers, four species of vireos and many other good stuff. A total of 64 species for the day. Also some nice mammals including Moose, Coyote, etc.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quabbin Park and Hawkwatch at Goats Peak

I spent an hour this morning checking out a few spots at Quabbin park. Some groups of warblers around but tough to get good looks at as the breeze kept the trees really moving. I then went to Goats Peak at Mt Tom and had some good raptors. Not the big broad wing day I was lokking for but still managed over 300 Broad wings and a smattering of other stuff such as merlin, kestrel, peregrine, osprey, harrier, goshawk, coopers and sharp shinned. Also a group of six ravens and 25 Chimney Swifts. Many of the broad wings passed over quite high in small groups. Maybe tomorrow will be the 'big day'? Another interesting sighting was a juvenile Cedar Waxwing that came in and landed on the tower within arms reach and stayed for a couple minutes. He called a few times and kept looking around. I think he was expecting to get fed! Eventually he took off for parts unknown.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of good stuff.

I spent the morning into midday exploring the west side of Quabbin as well as Quabbin Park. The highlights included a Connecticut Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, calling Barred Owl, etc. The Connecticut gave great but brief looks as it popped up less than 10 feet away along the gate 16 road. Its always amazing how a Connecticut warbler can just drop down and disappear among the ferns. Despite trying to refind it, I had no luck.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Return to west side of Quabbin

I again spent the morning exploring the gates on the west side of the Quabbin. The variety of birds changed a bit since yesterday with several first of the season sightings for me including Tennessee Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler and Ruby Crowned Kinglet. I had a total of 15 species of warbler this morning while visiting gates 22, 16 and 10. I again ran across several mixed species flocks with many birds giving great looks. Yet again a fruitful morning exploring Quabbin.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quabbin gates along the west side.

I spent the morning from sunrise to late morning at various gates along the west side of Quabbin. I started at gate 22 walking down to the water and back. On the 'big water' were five Common Loons together and an adult Bald Eagle. The highlight on the trip down was a Goshawk. I came across several mixed flocks along the road. My next stop was Gate 16 which again had a nice selection of birds although not as many as the previous week. There was an increase in the number of red breasted nuthatches. An exciting sight was a Sharp shinned Hawk in a fast, twisting pursuit of a Black and White Warbler...not sure who won that race. I then stopped briefly at gate 12/pelham overlook and the best bird here was a couple Ruby Throated Hummingbirds harassing a goldfinch. I then went to gate 10 and gate 9. Again some nice mixed flocks. A very nice morning exploring some interesting places at Quabbin.