Monday, September 21, 2009

Gates 22, 16 and 10

Spent another morning checking some of my favorite spots along the west side of Quabbin. The morning started chilly again with a temp of 42 (better than the previous morning of 36!). I started at Gate 22 and had some nice little groups of migrants. The next stop was gate 16 where I had an immature Connecticut Warbler in almost the exact same spot I had an adult last week. I guess they like the area. I only managed a blurred flying away photo. I also had a couple mixed species flocks with several species including Tennessee warbler. I also had a group of three Sharp shinned Hawks chasing each other through the woods seemingly oblivious to my presense. A juvenile Hermit Thrush also seemed oblivious to me and kept running along beside me as I walked down the road. The final stop of the morning at Gate 10 produced a couple more small mixed species flocks. Vacation is now over so its back to work tomorrow.

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