Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quabbin gates along the west side.

I spent the morning from sunrise to late morning at various gates along the west side of Quabbin. I started at gate 22 walking down to the water and back. On the 'big water' were five Common Loons together and an adult Bald Eagle. The highlight on the trip down was a Goshawk. I came across several mixed flocks along the road. My next stop was Gate 16 which again had a nice selection of birds although not as many as the previous week. There was an increase in the number of red breasted nuthatches. An exciting sight was a Sharp shinned Hawk in a fast, twisting pursuit of a Black and White Warbler...not sure who won that race. I then stopped briefly at gate 12/pelham overlook and the best bird here was a couple Ruby Throated Hummingbirds harassing a goldfinch. I then went to gate 10 and gate 9. Again some nice mixed flocks. A very nice morning exploring some interesting places at Quabbin.

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