Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arcadia marsh the last couple mornings

Common Merganser, Arcadia, Aug 21, 2013
Solitary Sandpiper, Arcadia, Aug 21, 2013
Wild Turkeys, Arcadia, Aug 21, 2013
Great Egret, Arcadia, Aug 21, 2013
The last couple mornings I have stopped at Arcadia marsh looking for shorebirds and/or unusual waders.  Yesterday was extremely foggy with visibility very low.  With the visibility so poor I only had a few shorebirds including a Greater Yellowlegs, two Lesser Yellowlegs, two Least Sandpipers and a couple Killdeer along with one each of Green and Great Blue Herons.  Although the fog continued this morning it was not nearly as thick as yesterday and most of the area of the marsh could be viewed.  The mudflats continue to increase in size as the weather has been dry the last several days.  This morning I had two Greater Yellowlegs, six Lesser Yellowlegs, two Spotted Sandpipers, three Solitary Sandpipers, two Least Sandpipers (I’m sure more were hidden in the grasses) and, oddly, no Killdeer.  A single Great Egret joined the other two typical species of waders.  Other birds of note included a single Double crested Cormorant, a vocal Common Merganser, and flyover Bobolinks.  Both mornings featured a group of around 15 Wild Turkeys that allowed very close approach before they moved off into the woods.  Perhaps more good stuff will show up Thursday night into Friday when a cold front comes through, a few storms pass through and the winds turn north.  Time will tell.

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