Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fog then wind with a brief warm up and an update on the Gyrfalcon

Forecast winds for 4am tomorrow morning (courtesy of

The day started off foggy and ended the same way but the temperatures climbed to 55 by the end of the day with the wind picking up.  I attempted to briefly check the area of South Maple Street in Amherst for the Gyrfalcon that Dave McLain had there yesterday afternoon and got some great photos of.  The fog was just too thick to see anything and others that looked for the bird had no luck.  The strong south winds with gusts over 50 MPH will continue through tomorrow.  Hopefully the bird stays around and doesn't decide to use the south winds to head further north.  Time will tell.  The Gyrfalcon has been seen off and on (by others, not me) since early December so it certainly seems to be settled in.

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