Friday, January 3, 2014

Wind and cold after the snow

Winsor Dam following the snow, Jan 3, 2014
After digging out from several inches of snow I ventured over to Quabbin Park (or at least tried to venture).  A brief stop at Winsor Dam produced a few Bald Eagles, a single Ring billed Gull and a Black Duck that came rocketing past pushed by the strong north winds.  It was VERY cold there with temperatures at 11 degrees late morning and a sustained 25 MPH wind with stronger gusts.  The cold wind kept the waves up and a low level of fog over the warmer waters making viewing of anything on the water near impossible.  I tried to go into Quabbin Park itself but it was still closed for snow removal.  I then headed for home and warmth.  While out shoveling and playing with Wilson at home I had a flyover Pine Siskin, a Red breasted Nuthatch and my first Brown Creeper.  I walked in the nearby woods trying to find a Ruffed Grouse but no luck.  Tonight will feature extreme, record setting cold with a low between -15 and -20. 

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