Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The last few days of cold weather

Honey Pot at dawn, Hadley, MA, Jan 29, 2014
Although it has been bitter cold once again the last few days I have managed to find a few new birds for the year.  I found a Red shouldered Hawk along Mill Valley Road in Hadley on Monday and a Yellow bellied Sapsucker working through some trees along King Street and Trumbell Road in Northampton on Tuesday.  Both of these species were found in passing without specifically looking for birds (but I guess I’m always looking).  In addition I stopped at the Honey Pot briefly before dawn on Monday morning and had a least one Short eared Owl hunting the fields while on Wednesday morning I had two.  In the evening on my way to Deerfield I checked several fields in Hatfield but didn’t have any luck finding any owls at all.

Wilson enjoying the wubba after getting home from his doctors appointment
The reason for going to Deerfield this evening was a scheduled follow up ultrasound for the Wilson.  He did well but was certainly happy to be home!

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