Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quabbin Park

Hanks Meadow looking east, Quabbin Park, Jan 25, 2014
Hanks Meadow looking north, Quabbin Park, Jan 25, 2014
Ring billed Gulls, Quabbin Park, Jan 25, 2014
Winsor Dam at dawn, Quabbin Park, Jan 25, 2014
Made a brief run through Quabbin Park this morning and found a few birds but overall it was quiet.  The reservoir continues to freeze over with only a few areas of open water left.  Waterfowl consisted of half a dozen Common Mergansers near Goodnough and 19 Mallards flying north plus a single Mallard in a small open water area near Winsor Dam.  Other birds of note included my first of the year Ruffed Grouse, a couple vocal Common Ravens and a couple Bald Eagles.  I searched a bit for a saw whet owl but came up empty. 

A late morning walk with Wilson along the Jabish Canal had 44 Mallards along with a Black Duck flying north plus the other usual expected species.

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