Monday, January 6, 2014

Costa Rica trip December 2013

Black mandibled Toucan, Rio Magnolia Lodge, Dec 18, 2013

I recently got back from a nearly two week trip down to Costa Rica (Dec 14-Dec 27) and once again had a great time (and not just because I never had to deal with the snow or cold back at home).  Once again we stayed at the fabulous Rio Magnolia Lodge in the Pacific foothills.  I made several day trips to various spots including the Pacific Coast, Los Cusingos Sanctuary, San Gerardo de Rivas, Cerro de la Muerta and San Gerardo de Dota plus a brief stop in the western central valley at Santa Ana.  The vast majority of the time was spent exploring the hundreds of acres around the lodge.  I added 36 life birds on the latest trip down there bringing by life list to 818.  I found 264 species down there with 46 of those new to my Costa Rica list (bringing my total list in Costa Rica up to 348).  It shows you the diversity down there when I still managed 36 life birds after the fourth trip down there hitting roughly the same areas.  I can’t wait to see what my next trip down there produces as I will spend a couple days on the Caribbean side before heading to Rio Magnolia Lodge again.
I continue to load photos to my Flickr site from the trip.  Many, many, many photos (perhaps too many?) can be found at the following link:
More stories from Costa Rica to follow as I get time to post them.

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