Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea forms

Projected path of Tropical Storm Andrea
The hurricane season is only five days old and the first tropical system has developed and will likely have at least some impact on the northeast.  The minimal tropical storm is projected to pass over Florida and then travel up the east coast staying offshore and becoming an extra tropical system.  The impact will primarily be heavy rain with some wind.  What will the storm bring as far as birds are concerned?  I would predict the most likely birds to show up related to the storm would be terns, unusual gulls or shorebirds (including phalaropes?).  The chance is also there for other southern species to be moved north.  I will certainly be out looking for something unusual and would encourage everyone to keep an eye out on bodies of water, flooded fields or even in your backyard for something unusual....and of course letting me know about it!

Here is a link to some additional information as it relates to this storm and the birding potential:

I also heard about a Lawrence's Warbler found by Bob Z at Quabbin Park today (at Hank's Meadow).  I was out of the area for work so I was unable to try to chase that hybrid down but if anyone else is around that area it would be worth trying for it.


  1. Nothing like a good storm to get people excited. Hopefully this one isn't too bad.

    1. Indeed! I don't think it will be anything like Irene or Sandy. Just some heavy rain and a little wind but perhaps enough to bring us some avain prize.