Friday, June 28, 2013

Brief stop at Winsor Dam

Winsor Dam at dawn, June 28, 2013
Our pattern of daily tropical weather with high humidity, warm temperatures and occasional rain and thunderstorms continues.  Overnight several storms moved through with lighting and heavy rain so I decided to try my luck with finding a tern at Winsor Dam this morning (Caspian Tern being the most likely this time of year…two were seen in Worcester county a few days ago).  No luck in finding any terns there this morning.  A gaggle of geese and a lone Double crested Cormorant were the only birds on the water.  A couple of Ring billed Gulls and a handful of Barn Swallows were the only birds out over the water of the reservoir.  Perhaps a tern will show up somewhere else nearby but none were present at Winsor Dam around sunrise this morning.

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