Friday, June 7, 2013

The rain arrives

Winsor Dam at dawn (Canada Geese on right), June 7, 2013
The effects of Tropical Storm Andrea have started to arrive here with heavy rain being the main event.  Occasional showers started last night and continued through early morning before turning into a steady rain.  We should end up with at least a few inches of rain from the storm as it moves north and passes to our south.  Before work I made a quick stop at Winsor Dam before the heavy rain started to take a quick look around.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a Common Loon and a couple of vocal Bald Eagles at and near the nest.
Winsor Dam in the evening during rain, June 7, 2013
Late in the day I stopped back by Winsor Dam a few times to see if I could find anything noteworthy related to the storm so far.  No luck but the very heavy rain made viewing difficult.  The only notable birds included a cormorant, a Common Loon and an adult Bald Eagle carrying a very large fish to the nest.
I will be there at first light tomorrow to try once again to find something storm related.  I urge anyone else with the ability (and drive) to get up early and check out their local patch of water or flooded field for something related to the storm.  There may be nothing but you could find something really good.  You will never know until you try.

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