Friday, March 29, 2013

Brief check for waterfowl

Northern Pintail, Black Duck, Green winged Teal and Mallard, Hadley Cove, Hadley, MA, Mar 29, 2013
I made another brief stop at Hadley Cove this morning and had a small selection of waterfowl present.  There were no Canada Geese present at all but I did have four Northern Pintails (males), seven Green winged Teal, five Wood Ducks, six Common Mergansers, seven Black Ducks and 16 Mallards.  The weather continues to warm a bit with temperatures once again getting to the 50’s today.  The weekend should finally bring in some good numbers of early migrants as the temperatures continue to rise with the winds turning to the south.  I’m sure several new species for the year will arrive over the next few days.

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