Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A couple new birds on a raw day

Wood Ducks, Hadley Cove, Hadley, MA, Mar 6, 2013
Despite today being rainy (and occasionally snowy) and raw with temperatures in the mid 30’s I still managed to find a few birds of note.  At 5:52 this morning at home I had a Winter Wren singing over and over along the brook.  On my way to work near dawn I had a couple of male Wood Ducks, 87 Mallards, a few Black Ducks, three Common Mergansers and 400+ Canada Geese at Hadley Cove.  I also had a Rusty Blackbird (#94) that was seen and heard and then disappeared quickly to the northeast. 
While at work I had a calling Fish Crow around the Clarke School campus in the morning.  The Fish Crow became species #95 for the county this year.
On my way home I stopped at the Hadley Cove once again and found the cove void of life.  The winds had picked up a lot at this point and perhaps the birds had moved to a more protective spot.

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