Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another snow storm today and a White winged Crossbill at home

Snow falling in Northampton, Mar 19, 2013

Despite the calendar saying it is almost spring we suffered through another snow storm overnight into the day today.  It snowed on and off with occasional bouts of sleet and rain mixed in.  We ended up with several inches of heavy, wet snow and sleet.   On my way in this morning during the snow storm I stopped briefly at Hadley Cove and had a few Common Mergansers, 300+ Canada Geese and a few Mallards.  Snow flurries and snow showers should continue through tonight and tomorrow with temperatures staying in the 30’s to near 40 during the day.  No real warm up is in sight but at least the sun should come back out to start melting our latest round of snow.  The bird of the day, by far, was a flyby White winged Crossbill I had at home early this evening as I shoveled snow.  I heard the bird (or birds) call a couple times and then caught a brief view of it as it flew through the pines near the house.  I went back in to get my binoculars but when I came back outside I could not find the bird again.  The White winged Crossbill became species #104.

Black Ducks, Route 9 marsh, Quabbin Park, Mar 18, 2013

I got out a bit late yesterday to check over at Quabbin Park for anything of note and came across a handful of waterfowl but nothing unusual. Given our low temperatures the last few days (in the low teens) many of the smaller ponds had frozen back over again and I hoped that would push waterfowl to the larger open bodies of water, like Quabbin. There seemed to be no real increase in waterfowl at Quabbin with numbers and variety relatively unchanged.

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