Thursday, September 16, 2010

Various areas...

Northern Flicker, Arcadia meadows, September 15, 2010
Wood Thrush, Quabbin Park, September 15, 2010

Between yesterday and today I visited a wide variety of locations to see the ongoing migration during September. Yesterday I started at Arcadia Meadows and then moved onto Goats Peak. Lots of good stuff at Arcadia. Goats Peak didn't have the big push of hawks I would have expected given the date and northwest winds. It appears the winds may have been just too strong. A total of 138 Broad wings was still nice to see. Some birds made quick passes by the tower while others climbed up and out of view. A fast and low flying Merlin was interesting as were the continued presence of Chimney Swifts around the area. I then made a short stop at Quabbin Park and had a variety of thrushes including Wood, Swainson's, Hermit Thrushes and Veery.

Today I decided to spend the morning over in Amherst along with Ian Davie. I began the day with a quick stop at Lawrence Swamp and had a Great Horned and Barred Owl calling plus a White throated Sparrow. I then picked up Ian and we went to the rail trail. Some of the birds here included a singing Eastern Meadowlark, a Wilson's Warbler, two Brown Thrashers, a couple Solitary Sandpipers, a couple Lincoln's Sparrows and a few other migrants scattered around. After a couple hours we went back to UMASS and spent some time on Orchard Hill. Picked up several Scarlet Tanagers, Wood Thrush and several Purple Finches.

After dropping off Ian I headed over to Quabbin and visited Gates 16, 11 and 10. Found some nice pockets of warblers including a Bay Breasted with quite a bit of rust color on the flanks. The mixed species flocks were quite active despite the later hour and the breeze. Overall fifteen species of warbler today plus a wide variety of residents and migrants including first of season Ruby crowned Kinglets.

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