Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Crossbill in Amherst yesterday

Just a brief post of a few sightings from yesterday morning along the rail trail in Amherst. I arrived a little after 6 and stayed until 7. The biggest surprise was a Red Crossbill. I was VERY surprised to find it here. The bird flew out of the first pine grove opposite the marsh area if you head toward Amherst on the rail trail. It called several times and flew in a circle and then went back toward additional larger pine groves toward Lawrence Swamp. I tried to relocate it but no luck (and not enough time). There are ALOT of potential areas it could have gone to. In addition I had an Olive sided Flycatcher, a Palm Warbler and a Merlin that buzzed through and then perched in a snag on the far side of the marsh.

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