Friday, September 17, 2010

Connecticut Warbler and others

Red eyed Vireo, Arcadia, September 17, 2010
Connecticut Warbler, Arcadia Meadows, September 17, 2010

Connecticut Warbler, Arcadia Meadows, September 17, 2010

Northern Harrier, adult male, Goat Peak, September 17, 2010

Given the weather forecast of early clearing leading to sunny skies with lighter north winds made me decide to make the trip across the river once again to hawk watch at Goat Peak. I arrived at dawn at Arcadia before going up to hawk watch. There was a bit of drizzle but it quickly stopped. The good bird began right away with a flyby Common Nighthawk which is getting somewhat late now that its mid September. I next had a calling Eastern Screech Owl. I only ran across a few scattered pockets of migrants compared to what I had here just a few days ago. The highlight by far was the Connecticut Warbler I came across after about an hour here. It showed itself well as it moved about in the dense thicket. It started raining at this point but I stayed and got continued great views and managed at least a few marginal shots. The distance and lighting were terrible but at least I got great looks. My impression was it was a female given the plumage I got looks at. It was interesting to see the size comparison as a Black throated Green Warbler flew down next to it and a brief second. The only other big arrival I could find here this morning were Palm Warblers.

I next made my way up to hawk watch and joined Tom Gagnon and David Peake-Jones at the top. Despite the good weather forecast the big numbers didn't move today. The sun never really made a long staying appearance and the wind really kicked up out of the north and northwest. Although the quantity lacked again the quality was good. A couple Merlins including one that made a very fast, close pass of the tower, a group of four Kestrel in a matter of minutes, several Osprey, an adult male Northern Harrier, several Bald Eagles, a few Coopers and fast moving Sharp shinned Hawks and a smattering of Broad wings rounded out the migrants for the day. A group of shorebirds were seen distantly moving north. Perhaps tomorrow will be the big day?

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