Thursday, October 6, 2011

California Part 2 -trip to Monterey Sept 21

Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Elkhorn Slough

Long billed Curlew juvenile, Moss Landing

Brown Pelican, Moss Landing

Sanderlings, Moss Landing

Orange-crowned Warbler,Elkhorn Slough

Following our days in the Point Reyes area we took the long car ride south to the Monterey area.  We broke up the trip down with stops at Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing beach before arriving in Monterey late afternoon.  The weather changed drastically from sunny and hot inland to low overcast and cool at the coast.  Even though we arrived at Elkhorn Slough early afternoon the area was still quite active with birds.  I'm certain a morning trip there would have been very productive.  After Elkhorn Slough we stopped briefly at Moss Landing beach and had a great show of 1000's of Sooty Shearwaters passing just offshore.  The numbers were impressive with hundreds in view at once as they streamed south.  This was just the beginning of great pelagic sightings that continued the next day as I took a Shearwater Journey's trip out of Monterey.

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