Saturday, October 8, 2011

Arcadia meadows early AM

Lincoln's Sparrow, Arcadia

White crowned Sparrow adult, Arcadia

Palm Warbler, Arcadia
I made a brief stop by the Arcadia meadows before going into work today.  Despite my limited time I still managed to see some good stuff.  I covered a couple of field edges, a small part of the old trolley line and the edge of the Ibis Pool.  The sparrows have certainly arrived in numbers.  Although the numbers will certainly build a bit more it was still impressive.  I'm certain there are some oddities down there but the area is large, my time was short and the traffic through there gets heavier as the morning goes on.  I had a total of seven species of sparrow with Song, White-throated and Savannah predominating.  Only two species of warbler could be found down there today with yellow-rumps appearing to be everywhere, but not being very cooperative for photos.  The Palm Warblers were much more in the open.  A couple of Eastern Bluebirds made repeated swipes at each other and I managed to capture them once with a photo.  A couple of usually active spots were quiet as a Sharp-shinned Hawk worked its way along one of the field edges.  The weather started out cool with a little fog but warmed up as I was leaving.  The temperature today eventually topped off in the low 70's.

Eastern Bluebirds sparring

Palm Warbler (eastern) with some debris on its beak

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