Monday, May 31, 2010

Quabbin Park, Gate 16, 15 and home

I finally made a round trip around Quabbin Park now that the road has been reopened. The damage is extensive in sections. I made my trip around early before the hordes descended on the park. I managed some good birds including the continuing Cerulean and lots of Cedar Waxwings. I got some photos but will have to post after I download them.

I then took a trip up to Gates 16 and 15 on the west side and had some more good stuff. There were five Common Loons in the small cove at 16 with some great looks. I also had an apparent pair of Spotted Sandpipers at the same location I had suspected nesting in the past. The woods were alive with the songs of Hermit Thrushes and various warblers. The non bird highlight was a Bobcat walking away from me down the road. I have seen a few this year already.

At home I had the usual suspects plus a group of three Broad winged Hawks together, calling with one doing a courtship flight. I also had a Red shouldered Hawk and a high flyby Cooper's Hawk. Apparently a good day for raptors here.

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