Sunday, May 30, 2010

Storm damage and yard birds

I attempted to make it back into central Quabbin but was stopped by the extensive tree damage caused by thunderstorms during the middle of the week last week. The damage was quite impressive with many large trees down and all access roads blocked. I managed to hike around for a few hours and then finally gave up trying to weave my way through the damage. Despite the damage there were still some nice birds around. I continued to have good luck finding Evening Grosbeaks here. I have not missed seeing or hearing them every time I have made a trip into central Quabbin (I probably just jinxed myself for the next trip!). I had a nice assortment of warblers and other breeders with quite a bit of nesting activity taking place.

Cerulean Warbler, Quabbin Park, May 30, 2010

Following my attempt to get into my atlas blocks in central Quabbin I made a trip down to Quabbin Park to check on the Cerulean Warbler I found there last week. He appears to have made it through the storms that still have parts of Quabbin Park closed. He continues to sing continuous and with any luck he will attract a mate.
I then went back home to see what surprises were around the house today. I had some good luck including this very cooperative Northern Flicker that was feeding on some type of food in the lawn. The Eastern Phoebe's appear to be about ready to fledge and the local Robins already have. I also had a close encounter with a deer at midday that decided it wanted to walk through the yard and check out the activity.


  1. I will be visiting quabbin in a few weeks and would appreciate any gen you could provide on the area. As I have never been to the U.S before, everything would be new for me, but info on some specialities would be greatly appreciated, in particular Cerulean warbler, Evening Grosbeak, Pileated woodpecker, Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Acadian Flycatcher etc etc.

    If you could contact me with any such info I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Hi Owen,

    The best spot to get the most variety within the smallest area would be Quabbin Park. The Evening Grosbeaks would be more likely in the north part of Quabbin and the Acadian is on territory along gate 8 road (and maybe gate 15).

  3. Thanks for that! Looking forward to the birding!