Saturday, May 8, 2010

A rainy but productive day including a Kentucky Warbler

Canada warbler, found while trying to refind the Kentucky (sorry no photo of the Kentucky)

Despite the less than ideal weather today I had a great day. The morning began with thunderstorms which did not bode well for the Hampshire Bird Club trip I was co-leading with Tom Gagnon. One of the first birds of the day on the trip through Quabbin was a group of three Bonaparte's Gulls that we tried to make into something more exotic. We then made the trip inside the gates around 7:30 and the rain picked up again. After a couple hours of heavy rain and thunder we decided to call it a day and end the trip early. I then went home to warm up and dry out. The real excitement of the day began when one of the first breaks in the rain developed and I could hear various warblers calling. I went outside and had a nice group including Magnolia, Black throated Green, Chestnut sided, Northern Parula, Yellow, Ovenbird, Yellow rumped, Pine and Northern Waterthrush. The bird of the day however was heard just after stepping outside to check the other birds when I heard and then briefly saw a Kentucky Warbler. A fantastic bird for the yard! It only stayed a brief time and I was unable to get a photo. I kept checking back outside between bouts of rain but was unable to relocate it. I was rewarded with a nice male Canada Warbler to make up for not refinding the Kentucky. I also managed to add another yard bird today, a Solitary Sandpiper. A very good day even without great weather.


  1. Kentucky in the yard Larry - Doesn't get much better than that!

    Nice one,


  2. I know! I was very surprised. I have had some great stuff in the yard over the last few years, but this is one of the best.