Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Vulture and Lincoln's Sparrow at Quabbin Park

Scarlet Tanager, Quabbin Park

American Redstart

I spent the morning exploring Quabbin Park with my mother who made her annual spring trek down to check out the migration. She yet again brought good luck with the birds with the biggest highlights being a Black Vulture soaring with four Turkey Vultures and a beautiful Lincoln's Sparrow. Unfortunately neither bird was very cooperative for a photograph. In addition to these birds we had other great stuff including great looks at a Black billed Cuckoo, mating Scarlet Tanagers, nest building American Redstarts, Chestnut sided Warblers and Baltimore Orioles, about to fl edge Common Ravens at their nest along the spillway, a large group of Double Crested Cormorants moving north and 19 species of warblers. Another great day at Quabbin.

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