Monday, June 7, 2010

Central Quabbin...Bobcat


Hooded Merganser duckling, June 7, 2010
American Redstart at nest, June 7, 2010

I made it back into Central Quabbin to continue the breeding bird atlas. Although the damage is still quite extensive I still managed to cover one block fairly well. The main road is now open to some degree but all side roads are still closed. I managed to confirm several species as successfully breeding in this block. There are more and more fledgling birds being seen with each new visit. Several warbler species were actively feeding young at the nest or feeding already fledged young. The highlight would have to be watching the activities at an American Redstart nest as the male and female fed some very young birds in the nest when I got the feeling I was being watched as I watched them. I turned and found a Bobcat just down the road studying me. He stood there for several seconds and then in a flash disappeared into the woods not to be seen again. One of the best, closest views I have had of a Bobcat in Massachusetts. This is the fourth one for me this year, which is way ahead of what I normally see. I also continued my unbroken streak of seeing or hearing Evening Grosbeaks in this area.

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