Monday, July 29, 2013

Rail trail in Amherst and Lake Wallace

Marsh at Hop Brook (contained at least 12 Green Herons), Rail trail, Amherst, MA, July 29, 2013
Eastern Cottontail bunny, Rail trail, Amherst, MA, July 29, 2013
Made a few stops this morning before running other errands.  I started at Lake Wallace where I found the Great Blue Herons still in their nest.  Similar species and numbers as compared to yesterday at the lake.  Since I needed to head over toward Amherst anyway I decided to next head over to the rail trail.  I walked from Station Road to Hop Brook. Highlights included at least 13 Green Herons with a dozen of those in the small marsh between the rail trail and the active tracks near Hop Brook.  There may have been even more but I didn't have a scope to check the area in detail.  The Green Herons spread out a bit from there as I was leaving.  Other activity in the marsh at Hop Brook included a Great Blue Heron and at least five Belted Kingfishers.  Certainly some good feeding there...wouldn't be surprised if something unusual shows up there in the near future. A total of 46 species in about an hour and a quarter.  I also had a very cooperative Eastern Cottontail that allowed very close approach and stayed put long enough for me to get a close up photo with my phone through my binoculars.  With behavior like this I cannot imagine this guy will last long! 

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