Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Wallace (plus a new tropical storm forms)

River Otters, Lake Wallace, July 24, 2013
River Otter eating a fish, Lake Wallace, July 24, 2013
River Otters, Lake Wallace, July 24, 2013
Lake Wallace (three river otters middle of photo), July 24, 2013
Great Blue Herons on nest, Lake Wallace, July 24, 2013
Made a brief stop at Lake Wallace on the way to work this morning and had a few sightings during my short stay. The number of Wood Ducks continues to grow with the total topping out over 60 now. The Great Blue Herons continue to stay in their nests but I doubt for much longer. The Belted Kingfishers also continue to number around a half a dozen. The other sighting of note was a family of three River Otters that came in quite close and allowed for a few photos before they moved off.
Another tropical system has formed way out in the Atlantic and this storm is named Dorian. It is a tropical storm at this point with 50 MPH winds and moving west-northwest. It is forecast to remain a tropical storm throughout the forecast period (through Monday) at which point it should be near the Virgin Islands. Many, many variables could impact this storm over the next several days but it could potential have some effect on the US a week from now.

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