Monday, February 25, 2013

Various stops in the valley

Common Mergansers, Quabbin Park, Feb 25, 2013
I tried for the Gyrfalcon this morning but had no luck.  Several other birders present were also unsuccessful in their search.

After my unsuccessful bid to find the Gyrfalcon I headed to the East Meadows to try to catch up with some of the Lapland Longspurs that have been seen there in the company of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings down near the red barn.  I had a few flyover Horned Larks but no big groups.  On my way out I stopped along the road near the airport when I noticed a group of sparrows.  I believe this is the same group that Jacob Drucker had a White crowned Sparrow in but I could not find one (although I thought I heard a chip that sounded like a White crowned Sparrow a few times but the road noise was terrible).  I did have singing Song Sparrows and at least 21 Savannah Sparrows.

I then headed over the river to the Coolidge Bridge, Aqua Vitae Road, the Honey Pot, North Lane, and eventually South Maple Street.  The Vesper and Clay colored Sparrow were in their typical spots.  Not many other highlights at these locations.

In the afternoon I headed over to Quabbin and found the area fairly quiet with the only waterfowl around a few Common Mergansers.

Hooded Merganser chicks in nest box last year, April 30, 2012
Hooded Merganser egg in nest box last year, April 30, 2012
Later in the afternoon I spent some time cleaning up and preparing the three wood duck boxes I have here at home.  I put them up last year and had one box that hosted a successful brood of Hooded Mergansers.  Hopefully this year will be even more productive. 

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