Thursday, February 7, 2013

Impending storm....

The forecast predicts a major snow storm impacting the area starting tomorrow morning and lasting through Friday.  The predictions vary a bit but even on the low end shows us with over a foot of snow and the upper end predicts 2 feet or more.  The wind is also suppose to kick up a bit and blow all this snow around.  There are blizzard warnings in nearby areas and we could end up with blizzard conditions too.  The big questions will be if this storm lives up to the hype (doubtful) or will it be yet another 'massive, historic, record breaking, once a life time storm' that ends up being no big deal.  Time will tell.  Even if we get the low end the snow predicted it should be enough to push birds that are around back to the edges of plowed roads and to other snow free areas...who knows what will turn up?

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