Friday, February 15, 2013

A brief warm up...and some astronomy news

The last few days have seen sunny weather with temperatures climbing into the 40's and approaching 50 today.  The warm up will be short lived and we are forecast to get a few inches of snow tomorrow and the temperatures will continue to drop all weekend with strong winds on Sunday into Monday.  Not sure why the good weather always seems to be on days I'm working and my days off always seem to have cold/snowy/windy weather...a mystery indeed!  At least the days are getting longer and I have started hearing birds in the morning when I take Wilson for a walk before work.  The highlights this week have included a couple of Winter Wrens and a Great Horned Owl.

Today was also a big day in the world of astronomy, especially as far as asteroids and meteors are concerned.  The morning found a meteor explode in the air over Russia with over 1000 people injured (mostly by falling glass after lots of windows scattered).  Links to various videos and photos can be found here:
In addition an asteroid half the size of a football field made a very close pass by earth later in the day passing just over 17,000 miles away.  A very close call and one of the closest approaches of an asteroid of that size in quite some time.

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