Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Gyrfalcon roost location found

Gyrfalcon, East Hadley Rd, Hadley, MA, Jan 31, 2013 (my only sighting of this elusive bird)
The roosting location of the famed and long staying (but painfully difficult to find...see many, many earlier posts about my struggle) Gyrfalcon has been found.  I cannot and will not divulge the exact location or even a general area beyond stating the following clues:  it is within the state of Massachusetts, there are trees nearby and snow can be seen nearby.  The bird was found a few days ago but the sighting was held back until a plan could be made to insure access for the many birders, while making sure the rare bird does not get stressed and leave the area as well as maintaining good relations with the non birding public (muggles if you will).  A further (and real) threat to the bird comes from a falconer that would attempt to capture the bird...a Gyrfalcon would be a very good prize for the falconer.

 After the details were worked out the word was put out to the birding public.  It may not be a perfect plan but it is a measured plan that will hopefully balance all competing interests.  Those that found the bird, developed the viewing plan and managed the information deserve a hand.  I tried for the bird on a few evenings as well as a morning but have had no luck yet.  This evening at the secret viewing location at least 35 birders gathered to attempt to get a look at the bird.  Always nice to see a large group of like minded individuals freezing their asses off trying to get a glimpse of a bird! 

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