Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quabbin Park on a windy day...and an earthquake this evening

Red tailed Hawk, Quabbin Park, Oct 16, 2012

Peregrine Falcon (best shot I got as the bird zipped by Winsor Dam), Quabbin Park, Oct 16, 2012

Horned Grebe, Quabbin Park, Oct 16, 2012

Red tailed Hawk, Quabbin Park, Oct 16, 2012

The weather changed dramatically overnight when a front came through and the winds shifted into the northwest brought in some cold air.  The temperature never made it out of the low 50's with sustained winds 10-15 with gusts over 30 MPH....a far cry from the low 70's of yesterday!  I was thinking the northerly winds would bring in some waterfowl but there were no large numbers or unusual species.  I did have five Common Loons, a Horned Grebe and ten Black Ducks on the reservoir and a handful of Mallards and Wood Ducks on the Route 9 marsh.  As the morning went on the wind picked up even more and the waves on the water made it difficult to see anything way out.  There were a few raptors moving with the majority Red tailed Hawks and a smattering of other species including a Peregrine that buzzed right overhead at Winsor Dam.  Other species of note included Red Crossbill (heard only) and Pine Siskins.  Again the wind made it difficult to catch up with many land birds.

We also had an earthquake here this evening that hit around 7:15.  It was the most obvious earthquake I have felt here.  It was centered in Hollis Center, Maine and was a magnitude 4.6 and felt throughout New England.

Winsor Dam mid morning, Oct 16, 2012


  1. Very nice shots. Our yellow headed black birds are gathering to head south...:)

  2. Thanks...see if you can get another one of your Yellow headed Blackbirds to come out this way!