Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Continued search for post hurricane birds

Radar image evening of Oct 31, 2012
As the remnants of Hurricane Sandy continue to slowly rotate through New York and Pennsylvania the reports of storm related birds continues to come in from areas near and far from the storm track.  Although the morning has been relatively quiet as the day moved on odd birds continued to be seen.  As the days go on the chances of finding something unusual become less and less likely as the birds displaced by the storm find their way back to their usual locations or succumb.  I tried Winsor Dam this morning and then over to Hank’s Meadow and Goodnough Dike briefly.  Winsor Dam only had five Common Mergansers and a few Mallards.  All the various species present at sunset last evening (scoters, bufflehead, long tailed ducks) appeared to have left overnight.  There were no birds at Goodnough and Hank’s Meadow produced a single Ring necked Duck and Common Merganser plus a couple Horned Grebe.  There may have been other birds around but I did not have too much time to check in any great detail.  Only other bird of note this morning was a flyover Evening Grosbeak.
Additional information on the sightings from the storm so far can be found on the ABA blog at the following two links:
October 30th post:

Black Scoter flock, Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, Oct 31, 2012

Dusk at Winsor Dam, Oct 31, 2012

Black Scoter (left) and White winged Scoters (distant right),Winsor Dam, Quabbin Park, Oct 31, 2012
An evening stop at Winsor Dam was a bit more productive than my early morning stop with 44 Black Scoter, 3 White winged Scoter, a Common Loon and 3 Common Mergansers plus a heard only White winged Crossbill.  Still no extremely unusual sightings from here today


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