Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Owling in Shutesbury and Amherst

I caught up with Ian Davies this evening and we headed up to Kevin Weir's land in Shutesbury to do a little owling.  I met Ian at the campus pond where we had the usual assortment of Mallards, a handful of Canada Geese (9) and eight Black Ducks plus the pair of Peregrine Falcons atop the library.  We arrived in Shutesbury and joined Kevin.  We had a large owl, likely a Barred Owl, flush right after we arrived.  As we walked down through the fields we flushed the (a) Barred Owl.  This turned out to be the only owl of the evening.  There was no calling of any type from any owl.  We tried an area that had produced saw-whet owls in the past but had no luck.  After an hour a half of looking we headed back to UMASS where we tried briefly for screech owl in good habitat but turned up none.  Not many owls but still nice to see the Barred Owl.

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