Thursday, March 15, 2012

A couple stops before and after work

Winsor Dam at Quabbin early evening, Mar 15, 2012

Although today was a bit cooler than the last few days the temperature near 50 was still above normal for this time of year and will only be one of a couple cooler days before it warms up again starting this weekend.  I was able to make a brief stop at Hadley Cove on my way to work and the only birds of note there were three Wood Ducks.  On my way home I stopped briefly at Winsor Dam to see if anything was around at the end of the day.  The 'gull patrol' boats were way out chasing gulls off the water so I was not expecting much.  However I did manage to pick out a flock of 59 Canada Geese heading north as well as a pair of Common Mergansers close into shore.  In addition the Bald Eagle was sitting on the nest with its head just barely visible.

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