Thursday, December 1, 2011

Robin roost at Quabbin...high count

I made a trip over to Winsor Dam at Quabbin Park this morning at first light to try and get an accurate count of American Robins leaving their roosting areas.  I started at 6:35 and ended at 7:10.  During this time I managed to see a total of 2943 all moving to the south and southwest.  Many were quite distant and more than a few escaped detection as they moved below the tree line.  This count is my high count for the season so far.  It will be interesting to see how the numbers change as season moves on.  Beyond the robins I had a Winter Wren at the dam.  There were oddly no waterfowl to be seen at Winsor Dam at all and a quick ride through Quabbin Park produced only one Common Loon, a Black Duck and a couple Hooded Mergansers.  Very odd to have such low numbers of waterfowl.  I had little else of note around this morning.

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  1. Nice time for a trip. Keep enjoying and hunting the nature as well. Would you mind sharing a few clips if possible?