Monday, December 26, 2011

Los Cusingos (Alexander Skutch Sanctuary) Costa Rica Day 6

Green Honeycreeper, Los Cusingos, Dec 8, 2011

Blue-gray Tanager with Palm Tanagers, Los Cusingos, Dec 8, 2011

Black-faced Antthrush that had hit window, Los Cusingos, Dec 8, 2011

Turquoise Cotinga (distant shot of bird at top of tree), Los Cusingos, Dec 8, 2011

Orange-collared Manakin, Los Cusingos, Dec 8, 2011

On Thursday John drove me over to the Alexander Skutch Sanctuary a bit beyond San Isidro.  The sanctuary was the former home of botanist and ornithologist Dr. Alexander F. Skutch.  It is also known as Los Cusingos and is part of a larger wildlife corridor.  The area again proved to be quite productive with four species of manikins, lots of tanagers, a male Turquoise Continga, and many others.  The feeding platforms attracted a nice selection of birds almost as soon as the old bananas were put down.  Amazing to see these birds so close as they came down to feed.  During my guided walk around the sanctuary (which I basically had to myself) a staff member caught up with us with a Black-faced Antthrush that had hit a window.  It was sad to see the bird in distress as it sat in his hand, stunned.  It was interesting however to see up close a bird you rarely get a good look at as it skulks in the shadows of the jungle.  Hopefully the bird was just stunned and had not suffered any permanent injury.  We walked all around the sanctuary during the morning with our time split between the gardens around the house and the jungle nearby.  Several of the birds had bands so I assume some type of banding program is taking place here.  I didn't notice the bands until I reviewed the photos when I got home. 

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