Sunday, December 18, 2011

Northampton CBC

I took part yet again in the Northampton Christmas Bird Count (CBC) covering my usual area around Hampshire College.  The weather started out clear and cold with a slight breeze.  The temperatures started off very cold at 17 degrees and didn't warm up too much throughout the morning with the mercury barely making it to the low to mid 20's.  A very frosty day!  At least the sun stayed out throughout the day to add a slight amount of warmth.  There were two target birds I was after today in my area of coverage that have been hanging around the campus for several weeks-a Dickcissel and an Indigo Bunting.  I managed to find the Dickcissel but despite a lot of attempts I never found the bunting.  I'm sure it was seen yesterday and will likely been seen tomorrow but it was not here today!  I had good numbers of American Robins (177) and Cedar Waxwings (121) on campus feeding on the ornamental fruit trees.  I also found a Winter Wren, Eastern Bluebirds, four species of sparrows, Cooper's Hawks and other typical birds.  I didn't bring the camera long today but did snap a few photos with my camera on my phone.  Not sure how they came out yet. 

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