Monday, September 28, 2015

Tropical system develops with possible impacts here

Tropical Depression 11 projected path as of Sep 28, 2015 (map courtesy of Weatherunderground)
Tropical Depression 11 projected path as of Sep 28, 2015 (map courtesy National Hurricane Center)
The tropics are stirring a bit and I figured it was worth a quick post regarding the chance of an impact here in the middle and end of the week.  Tropical Depression 11 formed today out in the Atlantic between Bermuda and The Bahamas.  It is over some very warm water but high wind shear is keeping further development somewhat in check.  The storm is forecast to slowly strengthen as it moves west and north and should reach tropical storm strength within the next day or two (if it does it will be named Joaquin).  The various models differ on the exact strength of the storm by the time the end of the week roles around.  There are several other factors at play here too including a high pressure system that will drift off to our east, additional tropical moisture coming up from the gulf and a cold front coming in from the west.  At this point it at least worth keeping an eye on as the potential is there for an impact here.  I will update as the week goes on if needed.

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