Monday, June 30, 2014

Tropical system looks to be developing off the Florida coast

The tropics have finally started stirring this season as a low pressure system moved out from the southern US to the area east of Florida and started to take on some tropical characteristics.  A tropical depression looks likely to form soon with the potential of a tropical storm quite high over the next several days.  The storm is over some warm water but is still likely to be quite slow in forming for a variety of reasons.  Where it goes over the next several days and how strong it gets is still quite up in the air but the chances of it becoming more than a tropical storm are quite low.  It may indeed end up having some impact in the northeast by next weekend.  Given the location and expected strength the chances of any birds getting displaced by the storm to this area are quite small.  Time will tell I guess.  If it does indeed become a tropical storm its name will be Arthur.

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