Friday, June 13, 2014

Birding over the last week plus yard species #156

Winsor Dam in the rain, June 13, 2014
With the breeding season in full swing and migration dwindling down to just a trickle I have not been out as much so not a whole lot to report, but fear not 'fall migration' will start sooner than you think!  I still managed to come across some good stuff this week.  On Tuesday while heading home I had a big group of vultures circling over the Holyoke Dam in South Hadley that included two Black Vultures in among the 38 Turkey Vultures.  With the rain today I hoped to come across something unusual at Quabbin but no luck there despite a few stops at various times during the day...really just managed to get wet!  I had a little better luck at home when I found a new species for the yard list when I came across a Yellow billed Cuckoo...species #156 for the yard! 

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