Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warblers..including a Hooded Warbler and my third Cape May Warbler at the house this spring...plus lots of other stuff

Scarlet Tanager, Quabbin Park, MA, May 13, 2014
Mourning Dove, Wentworth Farm CA, Amherst, MA, May 13, 2014
Magnolia Warbler, Wentworth Farm CA, Amherst, MA, May 13, 2014
Blue gray Gnatcatcher, Belchertown, MA, May 13, 2014
Black capped Chickadee, UMASS, Amherst, MA, May 13, 2014
Wilson's Warbler, UMASS, Amherst, MA, May 13, 2014
Yellow throated Vireo, Mitch's Way, Hadley, MA, May 13, 2014

What a great day to be out! A warbler day to be sure with what will probably be my highest diversity for the season with 25 species of warbler today amongst almost a hundred species total. 

So many highlights I will once again let the lists speak for themselves below but I will add a little info now. Visited a few areas starting at Mitch's Way where the best bird was a male Hooded Warbler (#198) that I heard and saw briefly less than half a mile in from the gate. Despite much effort I never was able to get a photo. A brief stop at Skinner found the gates still closed but I walked up a little ways and did have at least one Worm eating Warbler calling. After this brief stop I headed up to UMASS to search for the Brewster's Warbler but had no luck finding it again. Lots of other good stuff there but nothing extreme although three Wilson's Warblers in a short distance is always cool. After UMASS it was down to Wentworth Farm Conservation Area hoping for an early willow or alder flycatcher but no luck with them either. My last stop before going home to get the Wilson was over to a portion of Quabbin Park where I added more species for the day including the continued Cerulean Warbler (located further up the hill than previous days). In addition Quabbin Park added another species for the county this year (#199) when a Swainson's Thrush was calling mid morning...I added another of this species during my walk with Wilson along the Jabish Canal.
Cape May Warbler, Belchertown, MA, May 13, 2014
Cape May Warbler, Belchertown, MA, May 13, 2014
Blackpoll Warbler, Belchertown, MA, May 13, 2014
Black and White Warbler, Belchertown, MA, May 13, 2014

Once I got home the warblers continued with 18 species of them in the yard with most in a nice wave early afternoon which included my third (!) Cape May Warbler in the yard this spring...insane. Last fall I had a good year for them so not surprised this spring has been productive but three in the yard is nuts. Previously I had just three record of them in the yard with only one from spring (back in 2006) and two fall records.  Managed a total of 64 species from the house during the afternoon...not too bad at all if you ask me.

Here are the lists for the day:

Mitch's Way

Skinner SP

UMASS NW campus

Wentworth Farm

Quabbin Park

Jabish Canal