Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quick stops in the morning to look for early arriving waterfowl

Common Loons (three in mid scope view), Winsor Dam, Sept 25, 2012

I attempted to find some early arriving waterfowl on Tuesday morning before work and I made brief stops at Winsor Dam and the route 9 marsh.  The fog on this chilly (35 degrees) morning made viewing difficult at times but I was still able to view most areas fairly well.  At Winsor Dam the only waterfowl around were four flyby Mallards and three Common Loons together.  There was also a rather late Ruby throated Hummingbird that flew past the dam.  At the route 9 marsh there were eleven Wood Ducks and nearly forty Canada Geese.  I also tried to see if there was any activity on Lake Metacomet but the fog was just too thick.  The best bird of the morning there was actually a hummingbird that flew past just before dawn.  Perhaps one of the last ones I will see this season around here.

I once again tried for some waterfowl at Winsor Dam this morning but again there was just a little around.  A couple of Common Loons and a Mallard at Winsor Dam and a total of 23 Wood Ducks and 59 Canada Geese at the route 9 marsh.

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