Monday, September 24, 2012

Honeypot at sunrise

Sunrise at the honeypot, Hadley, MA, Sep 24, 2012
radar image from 10:00pm on Sep 23, 2012
As the radar and some night listening indicated a fairly good migration last night I decided to try my luck for a few minutes before work by stopping at the Honeypot in Hadley.  I arrived just before dawn and walked one of the fields.  Although the temperature was a cool 42 degrees there was still some activity.  Highlights included a Vesper Sparrow singing before dawn, eight Lincoln’s Sparrow (with three in one binocular view), a few Indigo Buntings and American Pipits.  A total of seven species of sparrows although I’m certain there were more.  Overall lots of stuff around and I’m sure a longer period of time once it warmed up would have produced some great stuff. 

eBird report is located at the following link:


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