Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quabbin Park

I took a short trip over to Quabbin Park this morning starting and ending at Winsor Dam.  At first light there was a group of 600+ gulls lifting off the water here with most being Ring-billed Gulls.  I tried to pick out something odd from the gathering but the light was not great and the birds were moving around and heading out as the sun came up.  I then headed into Quabbin Park with a quick stop at the Route 9 marsh that oddly still has some open water and had some Hooded Mergansers enjoying the lack of ice.  In addition there was a Belted Kingfisher working the area as well as a Winter Wren chipping away.  With the calm conditions I was hopeful of some variety of waterfowl but the only species on the reservoir was Common Merganser.  Other than the mergansers the area was very quiet.  I stopped back at Winsor Dam on my way out and found a group of 20+ American Robins, an Eastern Bluebird and a very vocal House Finch enjoying the crab apple trees at the headquarters building.

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