Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Texas Day 4 October 30

In my continuing update on my trip top Texas we come to the fourth day which found me heading out before dawn for the trip upriver to Falcon Dam. I made it to Salineno at dawn to try for Muscovy Duck and Red billed Pigeon. The first bird of the morning was a Common Pauraque. I then spent the next hour watching the river for any sign of my target birds and eventually got a look at a couple of Red billed Pigeon leaving the island to my north. No luck with Muscovy.

My next stop was Falcon State Park, which I spent the remainder of the morning at. Although the overcast skies made for tough photographic conditions I did have some good stuff nonetheless. Following my time at falcon I stopped briefly at Roma Bluffs but had nothing of note there.

I then decided to try my luck at finding a Clay Colored Robin that had been coming to the feeders at the North American Butterfly Association Park recently. I had the bird within 15 minutes of arriving. After exploring additional areas of this small park I decided to go back to Bentson...and I was glad I did.

I walked into Bentson trying to re find the Blue Bunting I had there previous and try to get a photo of it this time. No luck on the Blue Bunting but did find a few Indigo Bunting's. I was about ready to head back but thought I would try the area around the small water feature known as Eagle Pond. I then had a great bit of luck when I found a Rose throated Becard. I managed to snap a few photos of the bird with its back to me. At the time I was not entirely certain what I had but I knew it was likely a Becard but wanted to document it and study it to make sure. I then rounded out another great day with a night watch of the swallow flight whose numbers had diminished by 50% but were still very impressive.

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