Monday, November 16, 2009

Scouting trip to Quabbin gates 45-35

Spent the morning and early afternoon scouting the area between Gates 45-35 for an upcoming Hampshire Bird Club trip. Ended the day with a total of 44 species with some good numbers of several. Highlights included 26 Common Loons with one group of thirteen together, two Red necked Grebes, three Northern Pintails on a small pond, sixty nine Ring Necked Ducks, a Barred owl that flew in and perched within 20 feet of us, twenty eight Golden crowned Kinglets, a Ruby crowned Kinglet, a Towhee, thirteen Fox Sparrow, almost 350 Junco's and a Snow Bunting. Also had a pair of River Otter and three deer swimming across the reservoir. Hopefully we will have similar luck next weekend with the club trip.


  1. Looks like a great trip to Texas. I enjoyed following along!

  2. Wow! Great tally! I have to give Quabbin Reservoir another try.

  3. It was a great trip to Texas and I still have a couple days to finish up on when I get a minute!

    Quabbin is much area and so much diverse habitat.