Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hampshire Bird Club trip Gate 45-35

A very successful day co leading a Hampshire Bird Club trip up the east side of Quabbin. We met at Winsor Dam and then went into Gate 45 and ended at Gate 35. The numbers of junco's, Red breasted Nuthatch's and Fox Sparrows had dropped off since our monday scouting trip but we made up for it with some good numbers of waterfowl including twenty nine Common Loons, a Long tailed Duck, White Winged Scoter, a Scaup (likely Lesser), Bufflehead, Common Goldeneye, Wood Ducks, 55+ Ring Necked Ducks, all three Mergansers, etc. We also had a Great Cormorant near the baffle dams and a couple of Black bellied Plovers near Gate 35. We also had quite a show of Bald Eagles at various stops. The overall species count on this nice, sunny day in later November topped 50. There were also quite a few dragonflies out and about in sunny areas with most being Meadowhawks with a least one Darner species. Another fabulous trip into Quabbin with a great group from the Hampshire Bird Club.

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